Collective of Criminals in Solidarity

“If solidarity with foreigners is an offense,
then I am an offender myself”

Eight months’ imprisonment. Here is the verdict against Cédric Herrou, a French farmer from the region of Nice, whose crime was to help migrants.

Following this ruling, over 100 local and national French organisations, including the Human Rights League, a member of EuroMed Rights, denounce in a joint manifesto (translation of the manifesto also available here) the legal proceedings that people increasingly face when acting in solidarity with migrants and refugees. Mobilisation and events will be organised in the coming weeks in France to « safeguard the right to access, to be informed, the right to criticise, the right to oppose policies one disaproves of, the right to behave differently as agents of a fencing-off policy and simply the right to act humanely ».

At a time when penalisation of solidarity actions towards migrants and refugees is gaining ground, in Europe and beyond, EuroMed Rights expresses its full support for this initiative.

Not a #migrantscrisis