Algeria, Objective #UPR27

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A Coalition of Algerian organisations in Geneva is calling for Algeria to observe the United Nations recommendations on human rights

On Wednesday 5 April, at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, a Coalition of organisations of Algerian autonomous civil society (CFDA, LADDH, RADDH, RAJ and SNAPAP) presented an alternative report on the human rights situation in the country, ahead of the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The Coalition, the first of its kind, serves to gather joint recommendations aimed at further raising awareness within the international community on the situation of individual and collective freedoms and rights in Algeria. Civil society, gathered here, calls for these recommendations to be taken on board by the Member States of the Human Rights Council of 8 May, the date of Algeria’s UPR, and that they be effectively implemented by the Algerian State.

The recommendations address five priority topics:

1 – Freedom of association and peaceful assembly,
2 – Labour law and trade union freedoms,
3 – Rights of migrants and asylum seekers,
4 – Enforced disappearances and combating impunity, and
5 – Cooperation with UN mechanisms and international NGOs.

With the support of EuroMed Rights and the CIHRS, in parallel to this UPR pre-session, the coalition of organisations held several advocacy meetings with various Permanent Representations to the United Nations, for the purpose of relaying the recommendations of the joint report.

For more information on the pre-session, please visit the website of the organising NGO, UPR-Info.