Internacionalisme Solidaritat Feminismes (SUDS)

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Previously named ACSUR.


SUDS is a non-profit association founded upon solidarity, feminism and internationalism. Their aim is to eradicate the deep inequalities and inequities of global society, through our commitment to a social transformation model that creates alternatives to a capitalist, racist and patriarchal system. It wants to transform the world from the grassroots up, and envision this transformation led by organizations, collectives and social movements who fight for global justice.



Fields of Work

The four strategic work lines of SUDS are:

  • Feminisms, women’s rights and new models of relationships between people
  • Political advocacy and public campaigns
  • Collective rights of peoples and their common goods
  • Communication for social transformation

Main Activities

  • 16 development projects on the ground
  • Several development education activities
  • International network against gender violence
  • Promoting human rights and international law in Palestine.
  • Stop islamophobia

Address :

Erasme de Janer 8, Entresòl,
Despatx 7.,
08001 Barcelona,

Tel : +34 931 17 25 42

Email : [email protected] ; [email protected]

Website :

Contact Person : Ester Pérez Berenguer, President

Member Since : 1 Feb 2005