Consultant – Expert researcher on gender and migration

Duration of consultancy: Two and a half months 

Starting: 9th of October 2023  

Location: Remote/Brussels, Belgium 

Application deadline: 22 September 2023  


EuroMed Rights is a non-governmental organisation aiming to promote cooperation and dialogue in and between countries on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a network representing 68 human rights organizations, institutions and defenders in 30 countries.  

It was founded in January 1997 in response to the Barcelona Declaration of November 1995 and the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), by civil society organizations dedicated to promoting human rights and democracy within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. EuroMed Rights’ organisational structure is built on a general assembly, an executive committee, working groups and a secretariat.  

EuroMed Rights’ mission is to promote and strengthen human rights and democratic reforms at regional and national levels. By creating network opportunities and encouraging civil society cooperation, EuroMed Rights aims to develop and strengthen the partnerships between NGOs located within the Euro-Mediterranean area, to spread and promote human rights values and to increase members’ capacities to reach these objectives.  

EuroMed Rights’ head office is situated in Copenhagen. The organisation has offices in Brussels and Tunis, and presence in Turkey and Morocco. For further information, visit our website at  

EuroMed Rights aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, disability or chronic illness. 

Research and tasks description 

As part of EuroMed Rights Gender Mainstreaming (GM) efforts, each Programme is expected to conduct a gender analysis. EuroMed Rights understands a gender analysis as a critical examination of how differences in gender roles and social norms, activities, needs, opportunities, access to resources, and rights affect differently men, women, girls and boys in a certain context.  

For this purpose, the Migration and Asylum Programme is looking for a researcher with expertise in the field of gender and migration, to conduct a gender analysis of migration-related issues by the end of the year.   

As a network aiming to promote democracy, human rights and freedom of movement on both shores of the Mediterranean, and with a focus on the analysis of the impact of European policies in the Southern Mediterranean, a key focus of the Migration and Asylum Programme is the analysis of European policies of externalisation of migration and border control to the southern shore of the Mediterranean.  

Externalisation policies are not usually talked about from a gender perspective. However, every policy has a differentiated gender impact, and the objective of this gender analysis is to bring forwards the different layers and intersections of how externalisation policies have a gendered impact on migratory movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and what the coping mechanisms adopted by people on the move are.  


The final output of the consultancy will be to produce a research report (approximately 20 pages).  

The Consultant, in collaboration with EuroMed Rights’ Migration and Asylum team will be responsible for developing a research methodology, including first-hand and secondary data collection (desk research and interviews with experts and members of EuroMed Rights’ network); preparing a first draft of the report and adapting it based on the revision and feedback received; and submitting the final version of the report.  


Step 1  Application deadline  22nd of September  
Step 2  Selection of the consultant  First week of October 
Step 3  Discussion with the Migration and Asylum Team   First week of October  
Step 4  Signature of the contract  09th of October 
Step 5  Data collection (desk research and interviews) and production of first draft  To be agreed  
Step 6  Feedback from EuroMed Rights on first draft.   To be agreed 
Step 7  Production of second draft, based on the feedback received.   To be agreed 
Step 8  Feedback from EuroMed Rights to second draft  To be agreed 
Step 9  Final revisions and delivery of final report.   15th of December 2023  

Profile, Skills and Background 

We are looking for someone with an expertise in the field of gender and migration. The ideal candidate has: 

  • Proven experience working in the field of migration, especially in the area of externalisation policies and/or in the Mediterranean context.  
  • Proven experience working in the field of gender, especially in conducting gender analyses. 
  • Knowledge of the Euro-Mediterranean region.  
  • Knowledge of the civil society sector and human rights framework.  
  • Fluency in English and French.  

Payment Modalities  

EuroMed Rights will break down payments in three parts based on the amount agreed with the consultant: 

  • 30% to be paid after the signature of the contract.  
  • 30% to be paid upon the reception of the first draft.  
  • 40% to be paid upon the reception of the final report.  

How to Apply:  

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in this consultancy position, please submit: 

  • Your CV
  • Cover letter
  • A brief outline of the proposed analysis and a tentative calendar
  • A financial proposal.

Please send the above documentation to the Migration and Asylum Programme Coordinator, Elena Bizzi: [email protected], and to the  Thematic Program Support Officer, Eva Baluganti: [email protected] by the 22nd of September 2023, midnight, at the latest.   

We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Interviews will take place between the last week of September and the first week of October.