Since its creation, EuroMed Rights has been closely following the human rights situation in Egypt, a key country in the region. Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s human rights record increasingly deteriorated.

EuroMed Rights monitors the situation very closely through reports, press releases and briefings. EuroMed Rights conducts trial observations, such as was the case of famous activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah, who was sentenced to five years of jail for demonstrating against the “Protest Law”. EuroMed Rights specifically focuses its Egypt work on violence against women, freedom of association and assembly, justice and migration.

EuroMed Rights carries out regular advocacy activities with the UN, the EU and their member states, raising specific cases of human rights violations and pushing for the inclusion of these issues in all diplomatic dialogue with Egypt.

In January 2016 EuroMed Rights, along with other organisations, launched the Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt Campaign, calling for an immediate release of all Human Rights activists.