EuroMed Rights’ work on Turkey dates back from the foundation of the Network in 1997. The current programme’s objectives are twofold: monitoring human rights national policies with a focus on trial monitoring and the rule of law, and supporting members in their networking and advocacy activities in the country, as well as at European and international levels.

EuroMed Rights’ most recent publications and the list of members related to this programme are available on the right hand-side of this page.


Key publications


Recent results

EuroMed Rights has recently expanded its advocacy and communication work on Turkey by building on a previously established mapping of cases of human rights activists at risk (see key publications above).

At international level, EuroMed Rights was asked to provide direct contributions to the follow-up report prepared by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression following his country visit in 2016. This contribution to the follow-up report of the UN Special Rapporteur was made possible due to previous contacts made early 2019. Several paragraphs of the report were directly inspired by EuroMed Rights contributions. This is a direct recognition of the importance of the trial monitoring work EuroMed Rights has engaged in with local partners.

The benefit of partnering with civil society organisations was once again highlighted when EuroMed Rights and its members in Turkey sent a joint submission for the 35th Universal Periodic Review session on Turkey. The partners called on the authorities to amend the definition of terrorism, widely exploited by the government to crackdown on civil society and human rights defenders, and to accept the request by the Special Rapporteur to visit the country (pending since 2017).

EuroMed Rights has also enhanced its advocacy and communication work at regional level by denouncing Turkey’s crackdown on human rights defenders and women human rights defenders. EuroMed Rights highlighted, among others, the judicial harassment against Ms Eren Keskin, co-chair of the Human Rights Association-IHD. Another example is the publication, in an Algerian media outlet, of a EuroMed Rights statement denouncing Turkey’s crackdown on human rights defenders ahead of President Erdogan’s visit to Algeria. This highlights EuroMed Rights’ work defending human rights across the region, contributing to its positioning as a key human rights player.