16 Days of Activism 2022

EuroMed Rights and its members join the 16 Days of Activism to put an end to violence against women, from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day).
Five years after #MeToo, violence against women in the Euro-Mediterranean region continues at an alarming rate. This violence is exacerbated by several factors on the rise across the region, like the rise of contestations of gender equality as evidenced on our backlash tracking map. The rise of populist movements making use of a traditionalist and religious discourse places women in the role of caretakers rather than political actors. These discourses are prevalent offline but have also invaded the digital space. In our report “Spaces of Violence and Resistance: women’s rights in the digital world”, we propose a regionalised overview of such online violence.



In 2020, only 18% of police reports of violence by a spouse or ex-spouse were investigated, and 80% of complaints were closed without follow-up. Only 0.6% of rape complaints result in a conviction. The Ligue des Droits de l’Homme (LDH) fights for the effectiveness of women’s rights in all areas (justice, education, reproductive and socio-economic rights). On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the LDH is organising the 25th Autumn University entitled “Women’s struggles in the world and feminist movements” which will take place on 26 and 27 November in Paris. Everyone is welcome to participate. More info.


UN Women/Karim Selmaoui

ADALA plans a social media campaign to highlight the impact of violence on women, through the testimonies of Moroccan women survivors of violence, who have been helped by the legal clinic “Justice for All”. This campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of accompanying women victims of violence, through the advices of an expert, who will explain the steps to be taken in case of violence. A round table on law 103.13 and the challenges of its application will also take place. Follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! The OMDH organises a workshop the week of the 3rd December in Rabat, for 20 participants including young students.


CEWLA‘s 16 days of activism Facebook campaign is about the comprehensive law to combat violence against women (VAW) in Egypt. Throughout the campaign, CEWLA will tackle the social, psychological, and legal aspects of VAW and how it affects women and children greatly. The campaign’s aim is to advocate for the importance of issuing a comprehensive law to combat all forms of violence and discrimination against women, including child marriage, female genital mutilation and cyber violence.


KAFA’s social media campaign demands the adoption of a civil unified personal status law. This campaign answers some of the discriminatory questions raised daily in Lebanon society, by highlighting the close correlation between the current religious personal status laws and the violence that Lebanese women are suffering. The CLDH will be launching its report on women’s rights violations in Lebanese personal status laws, highlighted on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women organises four events taking place in Tunisia, on the topic of women victims of violence : a seminar presenting a legal analysis, a round table, a mobilisation of feminists against impunity, and a feminist one-woman show, “Rawah”. All the infos on the events is published on Facebook. Our member DIGNITY is planning a Facebook awareness campaign to highlight the links between gender-based violence and torture, both being human rights violations.


Kayan’s campaign, with the slogan “Solution takes its place”, aims to shed lights on the factors leading to a decline in women’s and youth’s participation in local politics, through 23 awareness-raising activities. Follow it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In its side, PCHR organises a conference on the killing of women in the Palestinian territories and other activities detailed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


D.i.Re is implementing the nation-wide fundraising campaign “Fund for Future”, to support the daily work of the 110 D.i.Re member organisations (women’s centres and shelters for women survivors of violence). D.i.Re is also joining the feminist and transfeminist demonstration against gender-based violence and violence against women scheduled on November 26th in Rome together with the movement Non una di meno.


SUDS, as part of the Anawanti Network, is participating in a communication campaign to show gender violence in the different countries, including Maroc and Palestine. For each country there are three publications: a short video interview with a organization’s member ; a publication with statistics on feminicides, sexual and physical violence, and a quote from the organisation that represents the way they work.

To close the 16 Days of activism, EuroMed Rights organises, jointly with Danner, a Regional Conference on Combating Violence Against Women in the Greater Maghreb Countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) on the 9-10th December in Tunis. The conference aims to shed light on the situation of women’s rights in the region and to initiate the framework of the workshops planned for this purpose. All infos on our Facebook page.